The first batch

Hey everyone. Today we’re debuting a new feature at MwBC: “Suds.” Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will bring you the best in beer news from throughout the Midwest (and some places outside of the Midwest as well). It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t link to my inspiration for this series.

-For this first edition of Suds,  grab a Central Water’s Mudpuppy Porter to combat the cold, and check out this piece in today’s New York Times book section. How many have you read this year?

-No details, but Half Acre in Chicago is planning a big holiday bash, On Photon. If you made it to their party for Chicago Craft Beer Week, expect all those things and more.

Beer Here: A review of Sand Creek Breweries cranberry brew to kick off the holidays.

-A little late, sorry, but New Glarus has a coffee stout for you. Stay warm.

-Readers from the City of Broad Shoulders, do this, like, right now. Goose Island pub crawl.

-Surly Brewing Company from St. Paul, MN in this episode of BrewTV.

New survey shows men prefer to toast beer over bubbly. I concur with that notion. The headline betrays the reality though, as it’s only a 60-40 divide.

Modern redesigns for Red Hook, New Belgium and others. I have to say, the New Belgium label looks pretty sharp.

-And finally, best beer review I’ve read today: “Damn, this year’s @tyranena Hop Whore Imperial IPA is their best yet. I wanna french kiss it.” (from mwmicrobrews on Twitter).

Speaking of Twitter, don’t be shy and follow us! @MidwestBeer.


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