Suds: December 5th.

Happy Monday. It’s cold and snowy in Wisconsin. Made an incredibly bitter pale ale just to heat the kitchen up.

Anyone catch the season finale of “The Walking Dead?” Here’s something to ponder while you read todays Suds, as well as this. Life can adapt to use arsenic instead of phosphorus? Incredible! What’s even more incredible is that I now understand why arsenic is poisonous in the first place.

What to drink with Suds? I’m going to stick with porters this week, after brewing my own and visiting Central Waters on Tuesday. How about this porter from Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul, MN?

From WBEZ-Chicago, food columnist Steve Dolinsky heads back to Madison to watch the Badgers take on the Wildcats, and eats! We at MwBC feel he should have visited the Old Fashioned, but that’s neither here nor there.

-Speaking of the Old Fashioned…

-More from WBEZ and Chicagoist-is a liquor ban really the right answer? Bronzeville is a tough place, let’s see what happens.

-Twin Cities readers, get these ticket immediately.

-Get ready for Wisconsin, Mississippi!

From Holland, MI, try some sour ale. New Holland’s Blue Sunday Sour is getting another run.

Only in Brooklyn.

-I understand the advantages of having a good selection, but this seems excessive.

Some Guiness news. I read about this a while ago, it takes the Trib a while to pick up on beer trends, unfortunately.

-I’m missing some details, but Bell’s Eccentric Ale 2009 is now available.

We’re going to have a list of holiday ales soon, so keep a lookout!


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