Suds: December 10

Snow storm in Madison last night. That won’t stop me from delivering Suds to you. Why? Because you deserve it.

I may live in Madison, but I grew up in the City of Broad Shoulders. I’m going to honor the fine city with a winter brew from its biggest brewery (not to mention one of its finest). Grab a Goose Island Mild Winter and get ready for a snow covered edition of Suds.

Speaking of Goose Island, they’re always pushing the barrel…er…envelope.

-I can’t lie, we here at the Midwest Beer Collective are completely biased towards Schlitz. Why? This ad. And the new-old formula.

-Anyone catch Brewmasters last night? I didn’t (it’s either internet or cable at my house, guess which one I opted for?), but here’s a clip from it.

Does anyone remember when this happened? This sounds awful. I had just turned 21 and begin getting into beer culture, so many of the details are lost on me.

-Late on this one (it’s a trend, sorry), but check out this edition of NPR’s Science Friday talking about the science of smell. Really neat.

-More barrel-adged beers. Beer Here reviews the latest experiment in a barrel from Tyranena.

I totally forgot about this competition! A Sconnie wins the title of Stella Artois Draught Master.

-Hey you! Yes you! Help these guys start a brewery. Interesting way to get started, but everyone has to start somewhere.

More activism. Make sure the Michigan Summer Beer Festival stays in Ypsilanti!

-Of course we’re a beer blog, but what’s beer without cole slaw? I was at the farmer’s market last night and they were still selling carrots, so you have no excuse to not enjoy this for the holidays.

-Speaking of slaw, the best I ever had was here, in Colorado Springs. Phantom Canyon also brews a porter that would warm Zebulon Pike himself (the namesake of the beer). One of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had, although I slept in a cave the night before, so maybe it was just the contrast? does a nice feature on Surly Brewing Co.

-At home, you may be a tourist. But why would you be with resources like this? Hopefully more to come for where to drink in other cities.

-Not sure what to drink with that fruitcake your aunt left at your place for the holidays? I’m not either, but this guy knows.

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