Suds: December 13

Snow plows in the ditch, white out conditions, blowing snow, freezing fog, stalled cars dotting the interstate, and the Metrodome collapses.  That’s a blizzard.  For anyone still digging their car out of a snow bank how about taking a break, cracking open a Three Floyds Behemoth, and thanking God for surviving Snowmaggedon 2010.  At least you can tell your kids about it some day.  Now for some Suds talk.

Green beer is not only for St. Patrick’s Day.  Check out this progressive brewer at the Ale Jail.

– Good thing its legal to bring beer across state lines.

– This event brings together the two great products of the Badger State

– Broaden your brew-izons with this special tasting.

– And if your feeling really ambitious, you can pay a pretty penny on these rare brews

– For our friends to east of the Broad Shoulders, be there or be square.

– Attention UP and LP: Looking for a unique holiday gift for that fellow beer enthusiast you love? 

– Are you still wondering if it is worth it to brew your own beer?  Maybe this article will help you decide.

Thanks to everyone out there who is following Anthony and me as we do our best to guide you through the Midwest Beer scene.  Keep warm this week and don’t forget…there’s so much more to be explored.


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