Suds! (December 15)

Oh man! Only ten days until Christmas! Not sure what to get your favorite homebrewer? Check out this guide.

For this Wednesday’s Suds, let’s laugh a little, eh? Here’s a clip from the third installment of Robot Chicken’s Star Wars parodies. To drink today? Let’s get into the holiday spirit with Lakefront Brewery’s Holiday Spice Lager. On now, on to the Suds.

-I don’t actually believe this is someone’s bucket list, but they apparently want to visit Capital Brewery? Perhaps it’s to find out why anyone buys Supper Club? New Glarus made their best brew-tour list though, so they aren’t completely crazy.

-Look out! More barrel-aged beers! This one from Milwaukee Brewing Company. Make sure to try MBC’s Pull Chain Pail Ale while you’re at it.

Help Frog Island Brewing name this beer! Prizes for the best name.

For MN readers: Special kegs of Dechutes at Pracna on Main. Try a new beer every Friday throughout the holiday season.

Beer Here. This week’s is from New Glarus, an Apple Ale (part of the Unplugged series).

More on seasonal beers from New Glarus.

-Broad Shoulder’s brewers, go here. Haymarket Pub opening up in West Loop (apparently it’s a beer mecca, cool).

-More Broad Shoulder’s: Goose Island launches their Vintage Reserve Collection. I can only hope those beers taste as good as they look.

-Finally, keeping up with the holiday theme, check out these beer and cheese parings. Heaven. However, I almost didn’t post the link because Serious Eats holiday beer list contains only one beer from the Midwest, a winter ale from Great Lakes.

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