Suds: December 17

Happy Friday everyone.  It’s a good day to gather up your crew of friends and drag them kicking and screaming to your favorite establishment for a delightful arrangement of beers.  I promise by the end of the night, they’ll be thanking you with their whole hearts for opening up the beer world to them.  Bravo to you, what an accomplishment. 

As the designated brew tour guide, you will need to pick a place and some beers to suggest to your friends.  Leave it to Anthony and I at the MwBC to help you along.  TGIS (Thank God Its Suds)!

– For our Michigan readers here’s a place that will knock your beer loving socks off.

– Or if you’re in Bellaire, (Michigan that is) pick up a growler and become a patron at Shorts Brewing Co.

– For our Iowa readers, make your way to Blue Mountain Lodge or try Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.  I’ve been told they are both great spots. 

– For our Minnesota readers, get down to Pracna On Main and take in the aged atmosphere of the pre-WWI bar. 

– For our Wisconsin readers, head to Cooper’s Tavern on Capitol Square for an amazing selection of local brews and an order of poutine.

– For our Illinois followers, try making it to Two Brothers Brewing Co.  It’s sure to be a family affair.

Now for some delicious beers to suggest to your buddies. 

– Rush River’s Lyndale Brown infused with pomegranate green tea is an interesting twist on a classic brown ale.  It has been released at small beer tastings, so keep your eyes peeled for the next event.  (More on this beer and a feature on the Owner/Head brewer at Rush River to come)

– Not a Midwestern beer, but Deschutes Abyss is being sold at Pracna On Main in Minneapolis.  Get it while the keg lasts.

– When you stop at Two Brothers, ask for an Ebel’s Weiss and let me know what you think. 

A special note for our MN readers: the Twin Cities almost lost a great establishment serving great juicy lucys and great local brews–The Nook.  A fire destroyed the inside of the restaurant and left it barren of its former patrons.  Well, this Saturday, Dec. 18, Summit Brewing Co. and Groveland Tap are teaming up to raise money for The Nook’s owners to get the restaurant back up and running.  I was simply amazed by the willingness of two competitors to help a fellow establishment out.  This is what the craft beer scene is all about.  So head down to Groveland Tap from 11Am-1Am for some delicious Summit beers with proceeds going towards Saving the Nook.

Thanks for tuning in friends and don’t forget to check out our Book of the Month Discussion, Hoptellectual.  This month’s book is Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night.  Also, be sure to read up on some of the great Holiday Ales in your area in Anthony’s feature below.  Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on the other side.

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