Suds: December 22

Grab your pint glass, my friend, because the Midwest Beer Collective is pouring out the Suds.  To get started, crack open a Goose Island Matilda and watch this inspirational talk from Sir Ken Robinson.

We’ve told you about some of the great beers in your areas that you should try, but we have not yet spent time on the art of beer making itself.  So in the spirit of Sir Robinson’s dream for education, this edition of Suds will give you everything you need to know to follow your passion and get started brewing your own original nectar of the gods.

First things first.  Everyone should pick up a book on homebrewing; the favorite of the MwBC is Charlie Papazian’s book.  It can be found at your local home brewing supply shop.  Wait, you don’t know where the nearest shop is?  No problem.

– Readers in the Twin Cities, hear ye, hear ye.  Also, check out this deal from Northern Brewer.

– Wisconsinites, unite.

– Come on and feel the Illinoise.

– Iowa special thanks to the MwBC for this link.

– For the future Motown Brewmasters.

Just ask your local supply shop employee to help you gather everything that is necessary for brewing and they’ll help you.  Trust me, they are great people.  If you ever get discouraged, don’t fear.  Just take a tour of your local brewery and talk to the brewers there about how they got started.  They always have interesting and improbable stories, which should reinvigorate that passion for brewing deep down in your soul.  Here are a couple great places to tour if you get the chance.

Summit Brewing Co. in St. Paul, MN

Goose Island Brewing Co. in Chicago, IL

New Glarus Brewing Co. in New Glarus, WI

Ale Asylum in Madison, WI

The last piece of the puzzle is to share your beer with friends and family, maybe even join your local home brewers association.  Whatever you do, keep brewing because the world needs people like you.


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