Suds: December 24th

Allright, so there is no getting around this. Today’s Suds is packed with random stuff. I will be skipping town for the week, but I’m leaving you in good hands with Brian. I’ve been running around Chicago for the past couple of days, trying to take in all of the holiday cheer.

By the way, happy holidays! My family and I celebrated with dinner last night in Little Italy (or Eataly, depends on who you talk to), but it just keeps going. So for today’s Suds, check out this link from the Rhizome Collective and enjoy your favorite holiday brew. For Madison drinkers, I recommend either the Great Dane’s Merry Isthmus Ale, or for MN drinkers the Grinch’s Grog from Town Hall Brewery. Now, for the suds.

A history lesson from Northern Brewing supply on beer engines (yes, they are as cool as they sound). Make sure to head over to their main page to buy stuff for you favorite homebrewer!

A Wolverine state beer update.

-More for Madison: Cap Brewery opens a brewpub on State Street.

Goose Island getting some love from the professional blogosphere, and rightfully so!

-For Broad Shoulder’s readers, this is probably the best thing you can do the day after Christmas: Beer Advocate Pub Crawl.

-Not from the Midwest, but definitely awesome: Imperial Stout Trooper.

-Raise a pint to Piece Brewpub in Chicago. They’re hosting Christmas Carol Karaoke today as a fundraiser for PAWS Chicago.

-Cool link on making labels for your homebrew bottles. I leave the old labels on, which is particularly painful when you have a skunky beer with a good label…

And finally, happy holidays from all of us here at Midwest Beer Collective:

Thanks for all of your support, and hope you get everything you wanted!

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2 responses to “Suds: December 24th

  1. I just found your website via twitter and i must say it is
    a slick, well written operation you have going on here. Keep up the
    great work!

    • Anthony Cefali

      Hey Ethan,

      Thanks for getting in touch! This is new to us, but we’re getting the hang of it. We’re writing about something people love, so it isn’t too difficult…

      We follow you guys on Twitter and will be adding you to our blog roll. Keep on brewin.


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