Suds: December 29

Hey everyone, welcome back for another edition of Suds.  With the winter solstice come and gone, I thought we should take a second and appreciate the significance of this turning of seasons in our culture, especially since it was coupled with a lunar eclipse, a cosmic phenomena that happens once every few centuries.  If you can, find yourself a Lunar Brewing Co. Total Eclipse and take a look at this slide show from the Times that’ll make you howl at the moon. 

*Courtesy of National Geographic

– Since the year is winding down let’s take a look at Slash Food’s Top 8 Beers of 2010 (woot for Daisy Cutter!).

– Looking for something fun to do with a group of friends in the Twin Cities?  Brew a batch of British ales before the end of the season.

– If your ever in Kansas City, sign yourself up for a walk along the Boulevard.

– Ann Arbor’s pride and joy is hosting a New Years Eve Party

– Check out this new offering from Two Brothers Brewing in Illinois.

– Calling all Hoosiers, tickets are now on sale!

– Do yourself and the Heartland a favor and support your local brewery.

So much to do, so little time left in 2010.  But don’t worry, another year of great beer is right around the corner and as always: there’s still more to be explored.


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