The Art of Beer Cooking: Rose Bowl Edition

Now that I have your attention...

Today is a big day for us Badgers, so we’re giving you a recipe for something as Wisconsin as a supper club: beer-battered cheese curds. If you happen to be in Madison for the Rose Bowl, make your way to the Old Fashioned for the best cheese curds in Wisconsin.

The key to a good cheese curd is freshness. Fresh cheese curds work the best for deep frying, and eating them immediately after frying adds a whole new level to the cheese curd experience. Just a warning-if you don’t have access to Wisconsin’s finest, don’t substitute cheddar cheese lest ye want to be disappointed (it’ll be a gooey mess, and you’ll only pine for the real thing more).

For beer? Let’s keep going with Wisconsin’s finest. Stick to the standard ales and lagers. A Pale Ale battered cheese curd sounds like a pleasant disaster, but it’s a disaster none the less. I would recommend a Spotted Cow for a little more ritzy experience, but I generally just use High Life, Schlitz or PBR.

Brian is at the game, and he’ll be reporting from there. On Wisconsin!

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