Suds: January 3rd

Ahhh yes, the first Suds of the new year. Plenty of things a’brewin in the beer world, resolutions abound—if we keep up this enthusiasm, 2011 will be a great year.

So let’s start Suds off on the right foot. I would recommend grabbing a Bitter Woman IPA from Tyranena Brewing and listen to this episode of Radiolab. It’s about the evolutionary underpinnings of altruism, the dirty math behind why people will act altruistically, even if it isn’t in their best interest to do so. Fascinating stuff.

-Badger State drinkers enter to win tickets to the Oconomowoc Rotary Club’s 5th Annual Brew & Food Festival. Sounds delicious.

Some 3 Floyds news that’s as good as their Alpha King.

-A great New Year’s Resolution: start making your own beer. (But make sure to support your favorite local microbrewer as well!)

-And the gloves are off—a nice debate on what it takes to make it in the craft brew industry.

-An argument that Goose Island’s Mild Winter could be enjoyed all year round. I thoroughly support this idea.

Isthmus Beer Here: Winter seasonals to warm up the holidays (sorry for the late link).

-Macrobrew news: Pabst is releasing something other than it’s Blue Ribbon winning beer? And it’s flavored? Count me out. However, the Colt 45 label is intriguing…

Almost macrobrew news: America’s 10 largest craft brewers. None from the Midwest (based on volume of beer produced a year, I don’t see this list changing any time soon).

-Finally, a really great article from the Tribune that my Mom saved for me. It’s about brewpubs in Chicago, some great suggestions here. If you have the Trib from September, the front page pictures look great. It makes you proud to drink beer in Chicago.

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