Suds: January 5

Big day for the craft brewing industry as the entire definition of the term “craft brewer” was altered this week. That’s part of the beauty of words and terms, each one has a history, however convoluted that history may be.

This is happening right now at the Tour de Fat.

For today’s Suds, you would do yourself well to grab a a pint of Grizzly Peak’s in Ann Arbor, MI. Try the Edwyn’s Warm-Up Ale to keep sane during these dreary times. Also, check out this awesome picture from NASA. Venus rising.

-Some interesting developments in the expansion of the term craft brewer. I’m not ready to comment on anything yet, but the main thing to take away from the change is that a small beer producer can now produce 6 million barrels of beer. Hardly a small amount…

-The Isthmus weighs in on the year of eating in Madison. Their conclusion: people who love to eat win. As a Madison resident, I concur.

-More from Madison: a nice explanation on why water chemistry matters when home brewing.

A brew schedule for Goose Island. 2011 will be a very good year.

More on Goose Island: A surprised look at the Goose’s ol’ reliable, Honker’s Ale.

Big news for Athens, Ohio’s “only brewpub.”

-Neat slide show from the NY Time’s on hop production.

-Ring them bells from some Bell’s Brewery news.

More on beer engines and steam rail from Northern Brewer.

The Tour de Fat raised $330,000 last year! It seems like a long way away since its kick-off in Chicago. I’m going to begin getting ready for next years. Crossing my fingers for a Wisconsin stop!

-On a personal note, I will be going to the Blackhawks game tonight as I prepare to make the schlep back to Wisconsin for the remainder of winter. Let’s go Hawks.

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