Thinking Outside the Bocks: Food and Beer

OK suds readers, welcome to my second installment of “Thinking Outside the Bocks.”  In this edition, I’ll touch on a cold-weather standby: Stout.  Nothing says stout season like the thick slush that coats the curb during wintertime.  However, stout is not a beer that I associate readily with food, and therein lies the problem for a fledgling beer and food blogger.

For me, stout is a drink I tend to enjoy after dinner.  Perhaps due to the coffee undertones and lower carbonation of most stout, they make a delicious companion to desserts.  Therefore I dare you to think outside the bocks, and try a stout with a piece of your favorite cheesecake.  I’m partial to my mother’s secret recipe with either Dogfish Head Chicory Stout, or Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout.  I’m not too keen on overly sweet desserts, and that bodes well with both of these beers.  Both start off sweet and end bitter, the Northwind starting much sweeter to my taste than the Chicory.  The roasted coffee undertones pair well with the hint of amaretto in the cheesecake, and the finishing malty bitterness sits well with the sweet nutty flavor of the cheesecake crust.

I hope this combination has urged you to think outside the bocks, feel free to write back with your suggestions of stout/cheesecake combinations or requests for other beer and food pairings.

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