Suds: January 12

Hey! It’s already Wednesday, neat huh? A colleague and I were discussing the change of the term “craft brewer” yesterday. He was a little more perturbed about it than I was, thinking that Boston Brewing Co. packs too big of a punch. His recommendation, which I don’t think is a bad idea at all, is to label the individual process. The term “craft brewer” is becoming quite cumbersome, especially as the macrobrews try to saturate the market using those ideas.

Oh well, at least we get to enjoy good beer right? For today’s Suds, check out this wonderful snapshot of a life: Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor. Harvey had a way of showing us, well, stuff. But his “stuff” was open to affectation, ready to be read into and discussed. A true artist, that guy. Enjoy this comics with a Fat Squirrel from New Glarus.

-Speaking of New Glarus, new Unplugged! Smoked Rye Ale, sounds perfect.

-Goose Island releasing a new Belgian ale, Pepe Negro. Chi-town drinkers, head to Armanetti’s Liquors for the first taste. Watch a video on it here.

-Also, get ready for Firestone Walker Beers, Chi-town.

Isthmus talks about the best WI beers of the year. Their pick for best beer? Ale Asylum’s Bedlam. We at MwBC give our stamp of approval.

Neat photos from Northern Brewer. Just some old beer trucks.

-Is there such a thing as “beer elitism?” Unfortunately, yes. When taste is involved, there always is.

-Speaking of beer elitism, this review is wrong. Cheers to the New-Old Formula!

-Nice praise for one of the Sconz’s finest, O’so Brewery.

-Finally, an interesting plea to help save the Rock Bottom Brewery chain. Why? Their menu may be the same everywhere, but each restaurant has it’s own brews with its own brewer. It’s keeping plenty of good people employed.

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