Suds: January 14

It’s already Friday everyone!  Another weekend waits in the wings as we scramble to arrange all the loose papers cluttering our desks before a stiff breeze blows everything to madness.  This week flew by and I feel a little dazed; I truly believed yesterday was Wednesday before finally seeing a calendar and realizing I was a day behind.  It got me thinking about the Avant-Garde movement called Futurism and I think that’s where I’m going to start today. 

Crack open a Surly Furious in honor of the fiery Filippo Marinetti and the group of Italians who penned an incendiary manifesto praising the speed and violence of the modern urbanized society.  To them, the city stood for the unrelenting march of time toward the future.  They abhorred the past and Europe’s artistic and moral traditions, hoping to create a new aesthetic that embodied progress and unfettered creativity.  The Bragaglia brothers, Anton and Arturo, took a relatively new medium, photography, and used it to express futurism. 

I love these photographs for their revolutionary take on what it means to portray reality.  While paintings sought to capture a person frozen in a moment, these photos throw time out the window, seeking to show the feverish movement and progress of life. 

Now time for Suds.

– This brewery isn’t such a Darkhorse anymore, in fact it’s getting pretty popular.

– Cool news from Stillwater, MN where a new brewery is moving into town.

St. Cloud Beer Fest tickets are still available.  Get yours today, I’ll see you there.

– Hey Rockford, IL shout out to Carlyle Brewing Co

– Looking to get the best of the best beer?  Check out the winners of the 2010 National Wood-Aged Beer Competition.

– Sprecher is releasing a special Black IPA.  Intrigued?  I am.

– Another reminder for Wisconsinites, the Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest is now on sale.

– A pretty interesting article on a new beer shop in New York.  I think they gave Whole Foods too much credit with the popularity of growlers, but so be it.

– Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder, CO is coming out with a new series of beers.  Barrel-aged Sour Cherry Stout sounds tantalizing.

Let’s keep moving forward and hope to one day shatter all bounds of creativity because as always, there’s still more to be explored.

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