The Art of Beer Cooking: Bedlam Buttons

This weekend at MwBC, we’re happy to bring you all things Ale Asylum. I was there yesterday to refill some growlers and shoot the breeze with their brewmaster, Dean (that will be posted as soon as possible). Now, I bring you a nifty recipe from them: Bedlam Buttons.

The Isthmus called Bedlam! beer of the year, we think it’s one of the nicest things you could drink. Unfortunately, it won’t be available again until summer. Try using other Trappist IPA’s (Goose Island makes some nice ones, and Unibroue as well, though both are quite pricey), or if you’re really brave, a malty APA.

Cheers! Summer can’t come fast enough.

NOTE: The image of Bedlam! was lovingly lifted from the Daily Cardinal, the UW-Madison campus newspaper I used to write for. Read the review, which makes us feel weird for liking Bedlam as much as we do here at MwBC.

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