Thinking Outside the Bocks: Food and Beer

OK suds readers, welcome to this week’s “Thinking Outside the Bocks.”  Since my last two entries were on big, robust beers, I’m going to tone it down with a solid Amber Ale from Bell’s paired with a favorite food of mine: Falafel.

Now, “toning down” may be an unfair assessment of Bell’s Amber Ale.  It’s definitely one of the more deliciously, smooth beers I’ve had, but compared to my previous entries on IPAs and Stout, this Amber Ale is much more subtle.  Its subtleness is what makes it a great pairing with falafel.  The Amber Ale starts off creamy and sweet and ends with little hoppiness.  No overly dominating flavor from the beer leaves plenty of room for the variety of spices provided by the falafel. The falafel’s coriander, garlic, and parsley clash well with the caramel sweetness of the ale.  I recommend adding either hummus or tzatziki to the falafel to add another dimension to the flavor combination.

Thanks again for thinking outside the bocks, be sure to check back next week for a new beer and food pairing.

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