Suds: January 17

Great weekend here at MwBC headquarters. Good company and Schlitz tall-boys on Saturday, and a brewing tutorial and pizza buffet last night. One of the biggest topics of conversation? Beer brewing and sustainability. How do we keep water use down and sanitation adequate? What can we reuse from the process? Questions like these need answers, and this TED talk is a good place to start. For best results, watch with a Daisy Cutter from Half Acre in Chicago.

Thanks Sprecher for the new beer. Sounds delicious. Hopefully it doesn’t run out too quickly.

-Northern Brewer revamps their blog and tries to answer a puzzling question: how do I make a mediocre beer better?

-Lots going on in MN, but this is the most pertinent right now. Acadia tapped Hopslam last night at midnight. Hurry up to catch the rest!

Beer cooperative coming to Thrillwaukee (Milwaukee). “Building community one beer at a time,” sounds perfect.

-Say it ain’t so: MillerCoors plans lemonade beer.

-Finally somebody said it: Italian craft beers are boring! But is a revolution abrewin’?

Beer Olympics in Oregon.

-Finally, a nice little discussion on what makes a dunkel a dunkel. The best part about it? The writer adequately describes it as a session beer, good for conversation, and the article remains true to this clame. Dunkels are great for good times with friends.

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