Suds: January 21

For better or for worse, I’m abiding. It’s a balmy -5 degrees fahrenheit, and I’m pushing off the 40-minute walk I have to make to work. So I’m abiding. By what? Oh, I’d say gravity, thermodynamics, economics, I’m really just going to let it ride today. And so should you, so grab a Fixed Gear from Lakefront Brewery and watch this in-depth analysis of the Coen Brother’s other masterpiece, The Big Lebowski.

Today’s Suds will surely tie the day together.

-In my other life, I do productive things. This is sort of part of that, but only sort of: Central Waters seeks Green Tier status (it’s a government run environmental performance program in WI, check it out!).

I know this already happened, but if you follow @yearinbeer on Twitter, you know there are far too many awesome Goose Island beers to be drinking right now. Just a bit of editorial opinion there, sorry.

Beer Here is all about the Dane lately.

-Speaking of Madison restaurants, next week is Madison’s Restaurant Week. You can find me that week at Harvest, I’ll be the guy complaining about how they don’t have any Schlitz on tap.

Bell’s and 3Floyd’s news—which means it’s good news.

-I should probably read this book after making my last batch: Yeast: The Book. If I ever wrote a book about my life and beer, it would be called Appeasing the Yeast.

Fun contest: Prove Your Minnesota Beer Heritage.

Allright, I can’t put off this “go-to-work” thing any longer. Have a good weekend all. Remember, the dude abides.

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