Thinking Outside the Bocks: Food and Beer

Welcome Suds readers to another edition of Thinking Outside the Bocks.  I hope this momentous football weekend is finding you well.  Today’s TOtB hopes to cater to your football cravings.

Though I will be supporting the Bears today in the NFC championship round, I must admit no one tailgates better than our neighbors to the north in cheese country.  Having spent ample time there, I’ve been able to sample a bevy of pre-gridiron delights.  Whether it is cheese curds, chili, crawfish, or any number of encased meats, our northern neighbors are on point.

Therefore, I ask you to think outside the bocks, and put down the hot dog and 312 this weekend.  Instead raise a Schlitz and a brat to our Wisconsin brethren, for the best way to defeat your enemy is to know your enemy.  It is important to note that ketchup must never be included in your brat assembly.  I’ve heard mixed opinions in my research of Wisconsin cuisine, but upon further review, the ruling on the field stands: NO KETCHUP.

The proper way to eat a brat (Klement’s if you’re lucky) is to smother it with sauerkraut, mustard, and onions.  I’ll leave it up to you on choice of mustard, I’m partial to yellow, but I’ve heard reasonable arguments for the stone ground variety.  Be sure to wash it all down with the beer that made Milwaukee famous for proper enjoyment.

Thanks again for reading, check back next week for more food and beer pairings.

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