Suds: January 24

 St. Cloud Craft Beer Expo: mission accomplished.  For anyone who couldn’t make it to the expo this Saturday, things went off splendidly.  The amount of palate pleasing brews was staggering and I left exhausted, both mentally and emotionally.  I am amazed at how great the resurgence of craft breweries in America has been in the past 20 years, it makes me think that there is still something to the mythological America of Whitman–sublime and teeming with endless possibility. 

For today’s Suds, take a listen to what many believe to be Walt Whitman reading his poem “America” and crack open a Pursuit of Hoppiness from Grand Teton Brewing Co to toast our country. 

– Minnesotans should flock to Town Hall Brewery for a special double release.

– If you’re in town for the St. Paul Winter Carnival, begin the journey at the Muddy Pig for their Festival of Hops.

Big Bay Brewing Co. in Milwaukee launches a new series of beer.  Good to see a new brewing company in Milwaukee. 

– Michigan’s Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales has an update on their Collababeire and Bambic ales. 

– Wisconsinites, do not miss this

– How about a dozen beer wishes for 2011?  Thanks Wisconsin, you brew my socks off. 

– Researchers got grant money to study beer goggles.  Amazing.

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