Game On: Hawks vs. Wild Wager

I have a confession: I love hockey. I read about it every chance I get. I watch any game I can. If we ever met up for a pint and anyone says a word that remotely resembles “Gretzky” or “Savard,” I will drop whatever I’m doing and begin talking with that person. No offense, it’s just imperative that everyone know Dan Hamhuis was a nobody until Marian Hossa hit him and that Dany Heatley is probably the least effective forward in the game (I say that as a Badger as well). Oh, and Brian Campbell is worth every penny of his contract. Just watch him skate for five minutes!

Tonight is very special for us here at MwBC, as Brian’s Minnesota Wild face off tonight against my beloved Chicago Blackhawks for only the second time this season (the Hawks won the first tilt 3-1). Hockey is very important to this blog as well, legend has it that the idea to begin writing came from an epic game of pond hockey.

So tonight, the two of us posed a wager. If the Hawks can look like the champs they once were (2010 Stanley Cup Champs, did you hear?), Brian will be sending me some Surly Furious. If John Madden, Cam Barker and Martin Havlat decide to exact revenge on their former team, then I will be parting ways with some Half Acre Daisy Cutter (however, I will never complain if Havlat has a good game, he made me believe in the Hawks again, and he’s also on my fantasy team).

Check out the Wild’s blog, Hockey Wilderness, or you can mosey on over to Second City Hockey where everyone will undoubtedly be bashing Tomas Kopecky (myself included).

The stakes are high. Let’s go Hawks.


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One response to “Game On: Hawks vs. Wild Wager

  1. Brian Kaufenberg

    Yeah, buddy. GO WILD!

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