Suds: January 26

Allright, so the Hawks sort of embarrassed themselves last night and I will be sending some Daisy Cutter to the Twin Cities. The teams will meet twice more though, and we’ll have a little bit more coverage next time around.

Last night I watched the state of the union with some old friends and drank some Ale Asylum Diablo Belgian Double. I recommend you do the same thing now before checking out today’s Suds. At 8.5% abv, the Diablo makes Joe Biden attempting to coerce John Boehner into clapping that much funnier.

I’m going to step up on the soap box for a minute really quickly, because I know I put a joke in there, but politics is serious business. Decisions made in Washington affect us all, and its the least we can do to try and stay informed. That is all, now on to beer.

-We don’t give enough attention to home brewing here on this blog, so here’s a nice expose of lagering. Last week I tried a lager. Those of you who came over to witness it know what happened: the yeast never activated. I ended up pitching ale yeast.

-Couldn’t make it to St. Cloud Craft Beer Expo? Check out these great pictures for a recap! Anyone see Brian there?

-No news directly from Leinie’s, but they’re re-releasing their old gold lager, Limited. Apparently it’s back because of a large group of animate fans, nice to see Leinie’s reaching back to their craft beer roots and listening to their fans.

-Bloomington, Indiana wasn’t just the setting for the bicylce thriller, Breaking Away, it’s home to great beer! Check out this awesome label for Upland Sour Reserve.

More sour ale from Two Brothers in Warrenville, IL.

Surly Anniversary! MN drinkers, get there!

-Didn’t get tickets to Winterfest? Enter this contest to win tickets!

-Broad Shoulders Brewers, head over to Goose Island’s Clybourn location for a lesson about beer. Pretty neat. Also, try the wort bread, it’s perfect (or if you’re in there for a meal, they have a burger made with ingredients from Wisconsin, simply divine).

-This is as Midwestern as it gets: help save this landmark root beer barrel in Michigan.

-Also, this is really a thing: Schlabst. It’s not nearly as good as Schblabst though (I can’t reveal the secret recipe, but it calls for some Schlitz, some Pabst, and some Blatz).

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