Suds: January 28

So I guess the Daisy Cutter will be in the mail. If anyone wants to partake in Minnesota’s wonderous earnings from Anthony and my bet, let me know. Welcome to today’s edition of Suds, Collective; this weekend should prove to be a good one for craft brew lovers. Let’s start it off right with a story about a small brewery from Southern Illinois fighting to retain the right to self-distribute.  Big Muddy Brewing Co. is taking on the big dog, Anheuser-Busch InBev, in a lawsuit about the way craft and macro breweries can distribute their beer. Let’s crack open a Boulevard Brewing Co. Bully! Porter in support of the underdog. 

Now for Suds:

– Draft Magazine compiled the 100 best beer bars in America. I was excited to see a handful of great midwestern beer bars make the list. 

– We haven’t highlighted a great midwestern state very much on our blog, so let’s get a brief introduction into Iowa’s breweries

– Boulevard Brewing Company’s January Brewmaster Luncheon may be full, but February’s luncheon is right around the corner. 

– The St. Paul Winter Carnival is upon us and this weekend we kick it off with the 2nd Annual St. Paul Beer Dabbler.

– It’s not too late to register for the Winter Carnival’s Homebrew Contest. You have until midnight, good luck Voyageurs. 

Tyranena Brewing Co. in Wisconsin is taking part in an ice-carving demonstration that promises to be a great midwestern time. 

– Last, but not least, is a gastrobrewery in Illinois called  DESTIHL. Bringing together the creativity of brewing and cooking seems not only a logical step, but a delicious one at that. 

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