The Art of Beer Cooking: French Onion Soup

I want to get this out early, because this recipe takes a little while to make. But this is what it’ll look like, so that should probably get you going:

French onion soup really is a thing of patience, but consider it a lesson we all need to learn at some point in our lives. Browning the onions will take a very long time if you do it right, and requires constant stirring. But remember, patience leads to godliness, and this dish will be divine (or maybe it’s cleanliness? I was never one for proverbs).

Historically, onion soup was seen as something for poor people, because of how inexpensive the ingredients were. The French incarnation takes it up a notch, favoring good bread and a nice swiss or gruyere cheese to top off the soup.

For the beer? In the past we’ve advocated lighter beers just for a bit of flavor. Now, it is time to be bold. Pick a strong beer and make it happen. Stouts, porters, darks, just give them all a shot, what could go wrong? If you have the means, Central Waters Imperial Stout makes for quite a soup.

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