Suds: January 31

Nothing says Monday quite like the idea that there are an infinite number of Mondays stretched out laterally across reality. We’ll get to the Suds after the jump, but first check out this NPR interview with noted physicist Brian Greene. In another universe, you’re already listening to it. In another one, you’ve heard it already. That’s a gross oversimplification of Greene’s work, so please take the time to read on.

What to drink with such heavy news? How about a heavy beer? Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout should do the job.

-In my other, other job, I work at Wisconsin Public Television. Unfortunately, I did not make this really great video of how things got started at Lake Louie Brewing in Arena, WI.

Schlafly drinking in the big 2-0. Congrats, and thanks for the great beer!

Minhas is growing. Could it be because of how delicious Minhas Lite is? No, probably not.

North Peak Brewing takes its first steps out of Michigan. My family used to vacation in Traverse City, and my memories of those summers make me wonder why we ever left. Oh wait, winter.

-What do you need to brew beyond the starter kit? Northern Brewer has you covered.

Interesting marketing gimmick. The $1 signing bonus isn’t really worth the effort I would have to put into living the High Life.

-Cool news from Fulton Beer in Minneapolis. First, this new web site (wow! this looks great!), and they’re getting a brewery as well!

-I’ve heard about this before: beer sales on the decline in Germany. I’ve heard two plausible theories. The first is that beer sales are normalizing with a sluggish population growth. The other (which I got first hand from a German), was that kids are drinking a lot more alcoholic soda. Remember all those Zima commercials on USA? Apparently they air them on every channel in Germany.

A pretty short-sighted view of America in terms of beer.

-Finally, you really should be checking out this site if you’re into alcohol and aesthetics: Beer in Art from Brookston Beer Bulletin. Neat look at Picasso and his relationship to all sorts of Bocks.

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