Suds: February 2

Happy Groundhog Day everybody. Today’s an interesting celebration of the turn of the seasons based around–what else–old English traditions (sound familiar beer drinkers?). Will Phil see his shadow and doom us to a second winter or will he be the harbinger of spring? I’m glad that we still celebrate these seasonal festivals because they bring us back to a time when our lives were centered around the growing seasons of farmers. Now, the seasons are blurred; we can get fresh strawberries in January, tomatoes in February, and bananas all year round in areas of the world where bananas don’t even grow. So let’s toast to the turn of seasons with a beer that won’t disappoint whether we have a long winter or if the thaw approaches. Find yourself a nice Extra Special Bitter as a throwback to our English traditions–might I suggest Great Lakes Brewing Co. Moondog ESB

Now for some Suds.

– Surly is celebrating its 5th Anniversary at the Blue Nile in Minnesota. They’re offering 10 Surly brews for those who love bold flavor. Cheers to 5 years and many more.

– A fun and charitable event at the Great Dane in Wisconsin with proceeds going toward Make A Wish Foundation of Wisconsin. 

– How about brewing a batch of beer with professional brewers…and then taking the wort home? Awesome. Thank you Brau Brothers. Hurry and try to secure your spot. 

– Traverse City, MI is hosting its 2nd Annual Winter Microbrew & Music Festival. Get your tickets now before its sold out. 

Foundhog’s Day at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minnesota. Beer and bowling? The Dude abides.  The Dude abides. 

– Lost Abbey is releasing their Red Poppy 2011, an aged Flanders-style sour ale.  Sours are really starting to grow on me. 

– These are 10 special releases that DRAFT Magazine wants you to get your hands on this year. 

– We are all about interactive community here at the Collective and so are these folks at the DraughtClub

– I’m not usually one to knock something until I try it, but beer cocktails…really?  Really? 

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