Suds: February 4

For today’s Suds, lets start thinking about the future. As Prince once said, “I’ve seen the future, and it works!” Years ago, the capital city of Brazil, Brasilia, became the first fully modern city. It was designed exclusively for cars.When the Segway was released it was supposed to be a game changer for society. We were going to redesign our cities based around the Segway’s perceived effectiveness, like Brasilia and cars (I’ve never ridden a Segway, they do sound exciting).

I've seen the future, and the future is PLAID!

Now, we have this: YIKEBIKES! Watch the video, and imagine what cities would look like if we designed them around this pretty neat piece of technology. It would not be nearly as effective if it didn’t fold up. For today’s Suds, grab a distinctly metropolitan beer from Metropolitan Brewing Company in the City of Broad Shoulders. May I suggest Krank Shaft?

-More on bikes, you can download a free sample of David Byrne’s The Bicycle Diaries. I have a general rule to live by; if it’s good enough for David Byrne, it’s good enough for you.

-Take this with a grain of salt: some analyst somewhere thinks that InBev and SABMiller should merge. It’s just a suggestion. An awfully scary one.

-Named after our hero from Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading, check out Listermann’s Cincinnatus Bourbon Barrel Stout. And if you want to read a book by a guy drunk on his own prose, Nabokov would be that guy. He’s also written some fantastic books.

And Cleveland has a beer festival! Good weekend for Ohio.

North Peaks pays homage to a big, furry legend.

Win a trip to Brew Your Cask Off (the festival!). I wish I was accomplished enough to attend.

-More recaps of Isthmus Beer & Cheese Fest.

-Hangover? Here’s why! Seriously, what don’t they do at Northern Brewer?

-New beer from Summit. If you haven’t read it yet, check out Brian’s post on their EPA.

-Poor Barack Obama, if only the Bears put an actual team on the field last weekend he wouldn’t have to drink any of this beer…

Really great idea from the MN drinking crowd; using social networking to call out establishments with poor pint cleaning standards. Let’s all pitch in and make sure this works.

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