The Art of Beer Cooking: Beer Wings

Editor’s Note: Let’s all give a warm MwBC welcome to Alyssa Sandore. She is an absolute wiz in the kitchen, and knows a thing or two about fine Italian dining. Since we’re growing pretty much on a log scale, she will be taking over the duties of The Art of Beer Cooking.

What are you doing this Sunday? If you are like millions people around the country you are probably going to be huddled around a flat screen TV or at your favorite bar watching the Super Bowl (for the commercials, of course!).

For die-hard Packers fans this is a monumental day. I’m not going to pretend to know anything about football but I do know how to entertain and throw a fantastic party. That’s why I bring you this recipe for beer wings—a staple at any Super Bowl party. Nothing says football like spicy hot chicken wings smothered in blue cheese dressing with a nice cold beer.

I would suggest different beers depending on your flavor preference. For gourmet diners, try the Amber Ale from Hinterland Brewery in Green Bay, WI. Other good options are Spotted Cow, or just keep livin’ the High Life.

Enjoy. GO PACK GO!


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