Suds: February 9th

Greetings fellow supporters of professional yeast herders! Did you listen to the NPR clip from Monday’s Suds with Chris from Ale Asylum? Good, me too.

Today’s Suds is going to be another structure-rattling one from me. This time, though, we’re thinking about Marshall McLuhan’s famous line “The medium is the message,” and how it pertains to this new-media landscape. Understanding Comics author Scott McCloud lends insight into exactly how new-media is changing comics, and everything else we consume. Before comics were linear panels, but what if we have a canvas that isn’t limited by pages, but by the depth of the monitor?

A great example of this is Brian Talbot’s Alice in Sunderland, the post-modern history of a town in England. McCloud and Talbot’s relationship can best be described as “frenemies,” as McCloud makes a pretty humorous cameo in Sunderland.

Enough rambling, you want Suds! What to drink? How about a Red’s Rye Pale Ale from Founder’s Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, MI.

-If you haven’t read Brian’s interview with Dan from Lift Bridge Brewing, what are you waiting for? Really cool guy making some really awesome beer.

-$20 million worth of news from Surly Brewing Company. They’re expanding!

-Similar good news for Founders, as they saw a huge rise in market demand. Let’s give the big guys a run for their money!

-More Founder’s; here’s a Breakfast Stout. Goes great with Cheerios. Beerios?

We ran this review before, but we just polished off a growler of Ale Asylum’s Diablo and some sharp cheddar at MwBC Headquarters. Do that now.

-Looking for some rare beer in the City of Broad Shoulders? Get yourself to Bangers & Lace, stat!

-Flossmoor Station’s special release promises to be a good one.

-A Perfect Pint recaps Winterfest 2011.

-Three people sent me this article over the past 24 hours. The NY Times realizes there is something between the East and West coasts…

I wonder how many barrels the President is going to make this year? I suggest naming one the POTUS Pale Ale or Antonin Scalia Sour.

-Finally, Packers win the Super Bowl!

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