Brew for Thought: Madhouse Brewing Company’s Pastime Pale Ale

I recently noticed that we don’t really give a lot of press to the breweries of Iowa. The birthplace of John Wayne deserves better, much better. That’s why I’m going to focus on Madhouse Brewing’s Pastime Pale Ale.

Madhouse has only been around for a year, but they already have a rich history. Located in the Maytag Buildings of Newton, IA, Madhouse represents the turnstyle nature of the American infrastructure. The drivers of our economy change. They expand and move, leaving behind monuments of their existence. These buildings become home to irreplaceable industries, in this case, beer.

Madhouse makes only two beers, Pastime Pale Ale and an American Wheat beer, but they do them well. Pastime delves deep into the American brewing tradition, with strong hop notes and a hint of pine. Most interestingly, Maytag’s first washing machine was also called “Pastime” (named in 1907).

Though only one year old, it’s safe to say Pastime Pale Ale is ready to guide Madhouse into the future. Madhouse’s name and roots have much promise, although there’s still much to be desired.

Best Enjoyed: Cold and from the bottle, just as John Wayne would have it.

Food Pairing: Spicy food, particularly Cajun dishes.

Where to find it: Iowa only for now.

Madhouse Brewing Company


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