Suds: February 11

Here we are again Suds readers. We’ve made it to another Friday and this week has been a good one for the Collective, so let’s celebrate. I myself am going to make the trek to my second home, Madison, WI, to have a nice, long eco-soak with some good friends. Like every long car ride, good music is essential, so what I am going to be listening to? Well, that’s a good question for the folks over at 89.3 The Current here in Minneapolis. They have compiled the top 89 songs of 2010 as chosen by the listeners and include staff picks for top songs and albums. By the way, if you’re a listener of the Current, but haven’t contributed, what are you waiting for? Support the music you love.

First order of business when I get to Madison? Get myself a tall glass of Evil Doppelganger Double Maibock from Pearl Street Brewing Co. at the Old Fashioned. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s get down to Suds:

– Cool news about upcoming Thumbprint Series brews from New Glarus.

– Surly is still celebrating their 5th anniversary, these guys have stamina.

– For all you Minnesota lovers out there, how about a threesome for Valentine’s Day: you, your partner, and beer.

– And don’t think I forgot about you, Indiana. You can reserve a spot for your own special Valentine’s day affair with beer.

– For people like me who don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, tease your brain with a pub-quiz at Flossmoor Station in the next couple weeks.

– Looking for a place to find rare microbrews and imports? The Four Firkins in Minnetonka has you covered.

– Like Anthony said in yesterday’s Brew for Thought, we haven’t paid Iowa it’s due attention in terms of beer. Our bad. Our bad. Let’s make things right by checking out Lost Duck Brewing. (I guess you could say that we too were lost ducks that have found our way.)

– Michiganites are gearing up for a wonderful beer festival in Traverse City. Why not stop at Short’s Brewing Co. for beer on the way?

– I just really love the name of this bar: The Jolly Pumpkin. It has an award-winning Belgian ale called Oro de Calabaza that beat out other ales–from Belgium–in a blind taste test.

– City of Broad Shoulders is the proud home of the Clark Street Ale House which features a decent selection of craft beer.

– And if by some magic you have tried all their beers, venture over to the Maproom for another good selection.

I’m off to Madison, so if you’re in the area stop by the Old Fashioned where Anthony and I will be living for the weekend. Cheers.

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