Thinking Outside the Bocks: Fried Walleye

Greetings Suds readers, welcome to this weeks TOtB. This will be a very special entry for me and I hope you can all feel the love. I’m making a little weekend trip to Madison to visit my Midwest Beer Collective compatriots. And since Madison’s perennial comfort food powerhouse, The Old Fashioned, is one of our favorite haunts, I plan on making the most of it. So please, join us in spirit (or in bodily form if you’re in Madison) and Think Outside the Bocks…

There are few things more traditional in Wisconsin fare than a fish fry, and The Old Fashioned’s Beer Battered Walleye doesn’t disappoint. It’s also nice to note that The Old Fashioned makes an effort to use local ingredients whenever possible, attempting to support local farms, as well as, keep the Wisconsin tradition alive.

I would be remiss if I didn’t pair this stellar sandwich with an Ale Asylum Hopalicious. Not only for it’s exceptional citrus and hoppy taste, but also for the nostalgia of a bygone time. A time when swiping my school ID to pay for pitchers at Der Stiftskeller replaced swiping my work ID to begin a work day.

The Old Fashioned’s beer battered Walleye sandwich is topped with shredded cabbage, shaved radish, and a lemon-caper tartar sauce. I would describe the Walleye as very mild, and deliciously flakey. The addition of the shaved radish gives the sandwich a nice spicy kick that is not overpowering. Contrast this with the cascade hops of the Hopalicious, and you get a nice mix of citrus fruit bouquet and flakey goodness.

Thanks for Thinking Outside the Bocks, I encourage you to both visit The Old Fashioned, and support a growing brewery in Ale Asylum next time you’re in Madison.

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