Suds: February 16

Hey again Suds readers, I hope you spent your Valentine’s Day with someone special. I myself spent it with my batch of hefeweizen, racking it from the primary to the secondary fermenter. Beautiful color and delicate flavor–in other words the perfect date. Not many people know the history behind Valentine’s Day, but it’s a really inspiring story of how love can overcome all bounds. Let’s toast to love with a beer that is known for bringing people together: Central Waters Peruvian Morning.

– I had a dream that Wisconsin was the craft brewing capital of the US. Well, maybe someday.

– What better way to make that dream happen than to learn how to brew like a Wisconsin professional.

– How have we not heard of the Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. in Michigan? Check out their beer, wine and yes that’s right, mead menus.

– There’s a special 2-for-1 down at Founder’s Brewery: The Little Village Record Release party and Founder’s beer right on tap.

Cask Night at the Bleeding Deacon. Sounds like an awesome Poe short story.

– The well at Surly isn’t running dry anytime soon. Check out the events for tonight and tomorrow.

– I’ve been brewing a lot of German beers recently and it looks like Great Lakes Brewing Co. has too. Check out their newest brew, Doppelrock.

– Valentine’s Day is past, but New Belgium is keeping the romance going with their two newest Lips of Faith releases.

– I’ve heard mixed opinions on pry-off versus twist-off caps; Summit Brewing Co. apparently picked their side. I can never twist-off their caps anyway.

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