Brew for Thought: Two Brothers Cane & Ebel

Hello Collective, after spending a weekend sampling the bountiful brews of Madison, Wisconsin it’s time to feel the Illinoise. Specifically, Warrenville, Illinois’ family owned Two Brothers Brewery, centering on their delicious Red Rye Ale affectionately named Cane and Ebel.

Two Brothers was the brainchild of Jim and Jason Ebel. Started in 1996, Two Brothers Brewery was a response to the lack of European style craft beers the Ebel brothers fell in love with while overseas. The brewery has expanded drastically over the years, ditching their donated, reformatted dairy tanks for a 40,000 square foot facility in 2007.  They expanded again in December 2008 increasing their fermentation capacity by another 8000 barrels.

Two Brothers brews several beers year-round, and also offers seasonal and artisan selections. One of my favorites is the aforementioned Cane and Ebel. It’s billed as a hopped-up red rye ale, and it doesn’t disappoint. Though brewed with Thai palm sugar, this beer isn’t overly sweet, and the addition of rye brings a certain spice I haven’t found in any other beers.

Two Brothers is certainly competing with bigger breweries like Goose Island in the Chicagoland area, as I’ve seen it on more and more tap lists every month.

Best enjoyed: Cold, preferably at a barbecue with close friends
Food Pairings: Grilled meats, try curry to keep the Thai theme
Where to find it: My fridge, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.

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2 responses to “Brew for Thought: Two Brothers Cane & Ebel

  1. Owen

    I had their Dog Days summer brew once and nearly died. Haven’t been able to find it since. They stopped selling it near me in MKE. Weak.


  2. Michael Lulich

    Thanks for the comment! Dog Days is awesome, unfortunately it is only offered during the summer, as you said. I recommend some non-violent protest at the guilty liquor store, I’m sure they can fit a sixer or two in between the cases and cases of Miller Lite.

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