Suds: February 18th

Oh man, how come I always start feeling sick when the weather turns? What’s worse is that I have to read about delicious beer to serve you guys Suds, and I can’t drink any of it! Well, I guess I could, but then I wouldn’t get better. It might be worth it though…

I’ve been feeling pretty blah for a few days. Today I pushed through and spent my afternoon in the Wisconsin State Capital Building. Before I get too far into this, I just want to say that these are my views and don’t necessarily represent those of the rest of the Collective (though I’m pretty sure they would agree with these statements). I was born and raised in Chicago, a union town, and when union rights are at stake, I will do my part to protect them.

These are strange times in the Badger State, ones where the state motto “Forward” has been replaced with “Backward,” and a governor who is content to flash a dopey grin and rationalize that he’s budget balancing. It’s such a shame, especially coming from the state that gave us Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette, the founding father of progressive America. Champion of woman’s suffrage and civil rights, La Follette moved mountains for the great state of Wisconsin, and subsequently, the United States.

So in memory of the man, grab The Big O from O’so Brewing, and head to Fighting Bob Fest!

-Sorry to be so political, but here’s more. Fortunately it’s beer related. Let’s make Surly’s dream a reality! MN drinkers, call your representatives!

-Not in the Midwest, but let’s help out our friends in Montana. They want to shift tap room serving hours from 10AM-8PM to noon-10PM. Sounds reasonable enough to me!

-Big Shoulders Drinkers, Goose Island may be bottling Marisol, the beer they made with Frontera’s Rick Bayless. The link has a pretty neat video on the making of the beer with Bayless. These are good times to live in Chicago.

Top 7 beer cities in the US according to Esquire. Chicago makes the cut, but Milwaukee doesn’t? Nor Minneapolis? The list reeks of pandering and poor journalism.

-Speaking of Milwaukee, it’s going to be an awesome weekend there. The MST3K guys are putting on their live show, Cinematic Titanic, Friday and Saturday, and there are two beer festivals that weekend! Food and Froth Fest at the Milwaukee Public Museum Saturday, and the Milwaukee Ale House is hosting Mid-Winter Beer Fest on Sunday.

-I’ve never bought a mini-keg before, but I’ve been meaning to. Maybe I’ll celebrate Bell’s new label with a purchase?

12 wishes for Wisconsin’s beer scene. Oddly enough, the Isthmus doesn’t mention either Schblabst, or halting production of Supper Club as wishes(seriously, we get it Cap Brewery, you don’t like to make flavorful beer, but cans? Really? Cans of Supper Club? Where did I put my Pabst?)

-Really neat event for MN homebrewers: Q&A with representatives from Wyeast and Northern Brewer at The Happy Gnome.

-Also for MN readers: I’m currently listening to The Replacements while I write this. Just thought you should know.

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  1. Jim Klisch

    Where is the money coming from to pay the state workers? It’s not like they are hurting. They will keep their jobs which is much better then the private sector. Stick to beer and leave your sophomoric politics out or yur blog.

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