The Art of Beer Cooking: Chocolate Guinness Brownies

Protesters have been filling the streets for the past four days in Madison, Wisconsin in an exciting rally to show the rest of the country what democracy looks like. To celebrate this history-making demonstration I bring you a sweet recipe for Chocolate Guinness Brownies.

Brownies are a chocolate lovers dream.  This recipe calls for white chocolate to mix in with the semi-sweet chocolate. Personally, I don’t care for white chocolate so I would substitute for more semi-sweet or even dark chocolate if you are feeling daring!

You might feel adding beer to a brownie mix is strange but the flavor combination really brings out the chocolate flavor making it that much more chocolaty. Obviously, as the name implies, this recipe calls for Guinness because of the creamy texture but any stout will do.

If you are feeling particularly kind this weekend you could whip up a batch and deliver them to the protestors spending days and nights in the Capitol. I’m sure they would love them. Show your support! ON WISCONSIN.

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  1. laura

    Yum!!!! Sounds good Alyssa

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