Suds: February 21

Hey Collective, I just got back from Nashville, where I met my new niece, and luckily beat out the snow. She’s a beautiful little girl with some crazy hair: welcome to the family Mackenzie Ranae.

This winter has been crazy here in Minnesota and I’m looking forward to sipping on our newly brewed Wilhelm Scream Double Maibock on the Terrace when the lake isn’t frozen. One things for sure, all this cold weather hasn’t diminished the fiery resolve in Madison. Regardless of political views, it’s nice to know that there are still things that will get Americans riled up enough to stand up and exercise their constitutional right to voice their concerns. But now, let’s get started with Suds and to begin how about pouring yourself a Three Floyd’s Gumballhead. I have it on good authority (Hoosier Neal) that it’s a real trip.

– Speaking of Three Floyds, here’s an update on Dark Lord Day. Very heavy metal, rock on Three Floyds.

– Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis has two releases in the next two days. Check out today’s here and tomorrow’s here.

Bockfest 2011 at Capital Brewing Co. in Middleton, WI is coming up soon.

– Chicago’s Local Option is having a birthday blowout with a great selection of craft beer.

– Sit down for dinner in Bloomington, IN where all the Bells are sure to be ringing.

– Every good beer lover knows half the joy of drinking a beer is its nose. Or is it?

– A shameless plug for a nice local store in my home town, the Lake Elmo Wine Co. Great customer service and a really nice selection of wine and craft beer.

Great Lakes at Ale Jail. Be there Twin Cities.

– A bistro devoted to beer in the Chicago area? Tantalizing.

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