Suds: February 23

The political situation hasn’t changed too much here in Wisconsin. If there’s one good thing that has come out of it this far (and believe me, positives are few and far between), it has to be the artwork we’re seeing around town. Howard Zinn wrote an essay analyzing how artists can help us make sense of our political situations, Artists in the Time of War.

However, I want to talk about a work of art created for the express purpose of showing the world exactly what happened on the inside of the Iranian revolution (I am not suggesting what is going on in Madison could in any way be linked to Iran, other than both events have inspired art). Persepolis tells the tale of the other side, the side of Iran that I never new existed, and that many people have forgotten about. Our cultural memory is a strange thing, set off by big events and relegating most other things to our tacit awareness.

A graphic novel, it also suffers from being undeniably cool. Today’s beer also suffers from being undeniably cool: Half Acre’s Over Ale. Grab a glass and lets get to today’s Suds.

-More from the City of Broad Shoulders: Goose Island contract brewing out East. Head brewer Greg Hall says it’s to keep up with demand out east and ensure freshness. I would hope they’re thinking about growing back home, where it matters most.

-Also, if you’re free tonight they’re talking about stouts and porters at Goose Island’s Beer Academy at the Clybourn location.

Barley Wine Party at Piece. Sounds delicious.

-Mark your calendars! May 19-27 is Craft Beer Week in Chicago.

New label from Mother’s. Bring on the beer!!!

-Ever wondered how to clone Surly’s beers? Northern brewer does it.

-Oh, and free Surly! Only catch is you have to order a pizza. What’s that? You love pizza? Especially Neapolitan style? Lucky you!

-Nice review of Cental Waters’ “most sought after beer,” the Bourbon Barrel Stout.

Craft beer booming in Michigan. Did you know Bell’s started by making beer in an oversized soup pot?

-Let’s show some love for craft lagers.

-Finally, why do runners get a beer high?

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