Suds: February 25

It’s Friday everybody, if you didn’t already know, and we are here to give you some of the best beer events and news of the Midwest. It’s time to gather your friends and feed your endless thirst for great craft beer by exploring your town. Let’s start this Suds with a little scavenger hunt for Tyranena’s belgique-style IPA, La Femme Amere.

– Speaking of Belgian style, this was forwarded over by my good friend Emily in Bangkok. I knew those Belgians were magical.

– Broad Shoulders’ big weekend for beer events.

– Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis is releasing their barrel-aged Harvester Jim tonight.

– Northern Brewer, Wyeast and the Happy Gnome (perhaps the best beer bar in St. Paul?) are hosting an event tonight on some rare yeast strains.

– Everybody’s getting active these days. NY brewers are trying to pass legislation to cut the small brewers excise tax. The MwBC is behind you.

Drinking and writing: Hemmingway’s favorite activities.

– Beer tasting and demonstration on cooking with beer in Schaumburg, IL.

– Harriet Brewing Co. is releasing Dark Abbey, a Belgian-style dubbel.

– Want to make your homebrewing hobby into a career? Me too. Let’s sign up for a course at the Siebel Institute.

– And finally, what would beer news be without a little something from Wisconsin. Milwaukee Brewfest. Enough said.

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