The Art of Beer Cooking: Beer Dough

I just finished kneading dough, what a slog that can be! Dough is a tricky thing, it’s all about appeasing your yeast. In many ways, it mirrors the brewing process. Making dough is a labor of love. Temperatures must be coordinated, yeast proofed, and you have to be ready to work the dough until the whole thing is one coherent piece.

And then comes the most difficult part: having patience. As I type away, my dough should be rising. Hopefully the yeast accepts the sugar I put in the mix as an offering, and the whole thing balloons and softens so I can roll it out. But this is all wishful thinking, and it’s a good idea to nurse a beer throughout the whole process to calm the nerves. Better yet, why don’t you make some dough with the beer?

Beer dough is a nice substitute for normal pizza dough. The beer adds malty flavors to the dough, and the strength depends on the type of beer used. For something like this, PBR, Schlitz or High Life will do nicely. For the bold, try an amber (Ale Asylum’s Ambergedden) or another similar beer with strong malt flavors (O’So’s Night Train anyone?).

Whatever you choose, make sure to wash the final product down with some more beer. The fresher the beer, the better, try something flavorful and refined from Metropolitan Brewing (Krankshaft) or Goose Island (312 or Green Line IPA) in Chicago.

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