Thinking Outside the Bocks: Chile Relleno Tacos

Welcome Suds readers to another installment of TOtB. I hope this week’s edition finds you all well. After two weeks of fish dishes I thought it might be good to mix it up a bit. It’s time to Think Outside the Box and head south of the border for some chile relleno tacos.

If you know me, you know I love tacos. I mean any variety, you name it I’ll eat it. However, chile relleno tacos are my favorite. They’re a great way to break up the monotony if you’re tired of chicken, steak, or pork choices. I like to add avocado to the dish if I can.  Be it raw avocado on the taco itself, or as guacamole on the side, the addition of avocado can really bring flavor to your dish.

So what will you drink with your tacos? Moammar Gadhafi’s LSD infused coffee? I didn’t think so. How about some of Three Floyds Pride and Joy Mild Ale? Billed as a mild ale this beer was much more hoppy to my taste.  I was some what disappointed with this beer because I was expecting something much more mild, and what I got was more in the style of an American Pale Ale. However, my disappointment wore off quickly when I realized how delicious this beer is.

Chile relleno tacos are typically made with a mild Chihuahua cheese and Poblano peppers. Poblano peppers do not provide a lot of spice so an extremely hoppy beer isn’t necessary to help squelch the flames. That’s why I intended a more mild beer to really compliment the cheese and cool flavors of avocado and tomato from the tacos. So I recommend maybe substituting a jalapeno pepper or using a spicier cheese for this dish. If all else fails, save some money and a grab a Schlitz from your already stocked fridge.

Thanks for thinking outside the bocks, check back next week for some new brews and eats.

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