Suds: February 28th

Space is a place worth thinking about. At least that’s how I feel on a night like tonight, where it’s cloudy and rainy and I can’t really see the sky or anything. It’s like there isn’t anything beyond our line of sight…man, that’s depressing.

That thought is the basis of John Updike’s compelling narrative of squandered expectations and wasted youth, Rabbit Redux. Part of a trilogy, Rabbit Redux tells the story of the rest of us, the ones who didn’t get to step on the moon, or get to visit the great beyond. We put so much emphasis on visiting space, that we forgot about everyone else on the planet. What a rather cold and lonely thought for a Monday morning.

On a lighter note, grab a Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale from New Glarus, and get ready for Suds.

-Some Broad Shoulder’s News. Had a great tour of Metropolitan Brewing Company on Friday. They reminded me how tight-nit the craft beer community is. So let’s begin Suds by saying cheers to everyone in the industry for all of their hard work!

-An 8-bit inspired label for Half Acre’s Ambrosia. Look for the 22-ouncers pretty soon.

-Half Acre again, this time with barley wine. And a tribute to going outside. Man, I really want to go camping.

-New label for Finch’s in Chicago. Their not even fully functional yet, so go to their site and let them know you can’t wait to drink the beer!

Rainbow chard? In my beer? You’ve got to be kidding me.

-I definitely want to buy pints when I visit breweries, so I agree with Summit. It makes the tours that much more enjoyable.

-Wisconsin’s little brewers are finally getting the attention they deserve. Not saying Schlitz doesn’t deserve attention…

-You can never have enough reminders: Milwaukee Brewfest, July 30th.

-Just plain cool: Elysian to Honor Sub Pop Records. My two favorite things, beer and music.

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