Thinking Outside the Bocks: Green Thai Curry

What’s up Collective? Anyone see the awesome tentative lineup for this summer’s Pitchfork Music Festival? I’m already giddy with excitement, now if only they would bring back 312 as their main beer sponsorship we’d really be in business. Well, enough rambling, hopefully this weeks TOtB will curry favor with you all. Green Thai curry that is.

Green curry is named for its color. This differentiates it from red or yellow curry, which are also named for their color. You might ask why I’m choosing to write about green curry, and I guess I don’t have a great reason. I chose it because I’ve heard that it’s less spicy than red curry, however most Thai restaurants can adjust the spiciness of their curries to taste, so you do the math.

What will you drink with your Green Thai curry? Most Thai restaurants that I’ve been to don’t cater to the craft brew crowd, but they do offer some pretty awesome foreign beer. I’d try a Singha lager with your curry, or if you’re fortunate enough to find a good BYOB restaurant, sub in a Metropolitan Brewery Flywheel Bright Lager. It’ll be just enough to take the edge off.

Thanks for thinking outside the bocks, check back next week for a new brew pairing. Who knows it might even involve a spring Maibock.

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