Suds: March 7

 I spent all last night watching TED Talks, floored by the innovative scientific research, the sociological studies, and the art projects that are going on around the world. TED is not only a great organization, but a crucial one for the promotion of global and local collaboration. It’s founding principles are the same that we here at the Collective are founded on: bringing a diverse group of people together to talk about their different passions in life and how they are trying to make a difference in the world. The only difference is that we want to foster that collaboration with a beer in our hands because we truly believe that enjoying beer is the catalyst for great ideas and for friendships. With that in mind, we are asking you to talk to us. Tell us what’s on your mind, what you’re working on or something cool that you heard about lately.

One TED Talk that stuck with me was this one about an artist who pasted large black and white portraits on the walls of cities and in doing so, brought fractured communities into dialogue. It’s a really inspiring reminder of the power of art and why it’s still so important to our society. Crack open a Brau Brothers Sheep Head, watch JR’s video and visit to get involved in a global art movement.

– I’m guessing this athlete was disappointed when she heard the huge glass of beer they gave her was a non-alcoholic beer sports drink. I sure was…

A glass for every style: learn what beer goes in what glass at You can purchase a nice set so you’re ready for the occasion here.

– Wisconsin’s Sprecher Brewing Co. has a new CEO. They have their hands in a lot more than just beer these days, thanks in part to Jeff Hamilton.

– Interesting Opinion piece on the situation in Wisconsin likens Gov. Walker tactics to those of the Prohibitionists.

– A meeting of the Beer Advocate minds at Chicago’s Goose Island Clybourn.

– Join the cause, raise sweater vest awareness with Tyranena Brewing Co.

– Indiana’s Fort Wayne Brewfest is coming up soon. Get your tickets now!

– Michigan’s BrewSki Festival promises to be a great day of winter fun.

– And finally, the Happy Gnome, one of my favorite bars in St. Paul is hosting a Firkin Fest later this month. Sign up now and secure your spot.

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