Suds: March 9

Happy Wednesday, all. Here’s something to think about from University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate Errol Morris. Morris is best known for his documentaries about science history, particularly his adaptation of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. Currently, he’s writing a series on photography for the New York times, and begins by recounting his relationship with Thomas Kuhn.

I’ve been meaning to read Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, but he just seems like too big of a jerk for me to care about what he has to say. Oh well, Suds you say? Sounds great to me. Let’s do some paradigm shifting of our own with Goose Island’s Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout. Oh, I almost forgot that it’s also Imperial, so Imperial Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout. Wow.

Great Lakes is growing!

-Brewing history is American history. Preserve it.

-Need to know where to find the Minnesota beers you want to drink? Taplister is the search engine for you. There’s also an app for that!

-MN drinkers, belly up, because Summit is throwing some release parties for its Unchained #6 Gold Sovereign Ale.

-Interesting review from A Perfect Pint: Schell’s Rauchbier.

-Clown shoes is the term I use to refer to the Blackhawks penalty kill, not a beer.

-Cool look at Cap Brewery from our Twitter friend @MadtownFoodie. Best moment? “Do you drink beer everyday?” “I’m a professional.”

-Beer Here: Cap Brewery’s Blonde Dopplebock.

-I don’t know whose idea this was, but it really isn’t a good one. Racism is not cool, ever.

-Yeah, yeah, we know that you’re a craft brewer, Sam Adams, so stop giving guff to the little guy (brewers at SanTan aren’t completely off the hook either, they pretty much stole from Sam). But the most important thing to take away from the scuffle is that the glasses in question are truly unparalleled for drinking beer. Everyone should use them, they take every drinking experience to the next level.

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