Brew for Thought: Wild Onion Brewing Company’s Jack Stout

All right Collective let’s get local, I’m talking land of the stinky onions local. Started in 1995 as the The Wild Onion Brewing Company, The Onion Pub & Brewery is a stone’s throw from downtown Chicago. Not only is this brewery sustainably conscious, but they also brew a pretty awesome stout, affectionately named Jack Stout .

Now, for me stout season is dwindling. Soon I’ll be sipping maibocks and downing some serious Pils. That’s why I was looking for a less heavy stout to ease the transition, and Jack Stout is a great way to achieve this. The first thing that really struck me was how truly awesome the can (yes, can) was. The profile of Jack Stout harkens back to one of my favorite posters of all time: A great Milton Glaser psychedelic profile of Robert Zimmerman. Upon opening the can very little carbonation is apparent. However pouring the beer yields a very creamy head. Though a little more alcoholic (6%) than a session beer, this beer is great to enjoy in abundance or with dinner. Mocha coffee notes start out sweet and mellow as the beer approaches room temperature.

Much like The Wild Onion Brewery Company’s commitment to sustainability their commitment to fine beer in an enjoyable atmosphere is unparalleled. All in all, Jack Stout is a very drinkable stout, perfect for introducing to your light beer friends (we all have them), or as a step down to more spring inspired seasonals.

Best enjoyed: By a fireplace if you can manage it. A solid pour from a tap is very desirable.

Food pairing: I tried it with leftover shrimp Creole, which was surprisingly satisfying. If you want to go more traditional think oysters.

Where to find it: As far as I know, their brewpub and surrounding Chicago-land.

Read more about The Onion Pub & Brewery.

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