Suds: March 11

Let’s start this weekend on the right foot and bring it in with a few laughs. Anthony commented earlier about the great artwork that is created during times of protest and strife, but what he didn’t mention is the ridiculous “art” that springs up too. In honor of the protesters and their hilarious signs, crack open a Workingman Mild from who else, but Revolution Brewing Co. and check out the Top 100 Protest Signs at the Wisconsin Capitol. Amongst the clever Star Wars references, this sign was one of my favorites for obvious reasons:

Now for weekend Suds, the best kind of Suds.

– Summit is spreading the love with the release of the Unchained Series 06: Gold Sovereign Ale at the Muddy Pig tonight.

– Activism is cool. Beer activism is excellent. Keep it up Illinois beer lovers, you can help by contacting your representatives.

– Looking for somewhere fun to visit Champaign? Head down to the Blind Pig for a great time.

– Headed down I35 for a road trip? Stop in at Worth Brewing Co. right across the MN/IA stateline.

– Last chance to hit the slopes with your favorite mug in hand. Get your tickets for the Brew-Ski Festival at Boyne Highlands Resort in Michigan.

– Live like a monk during Lent, drink beer.

– These ridiculous beer names should make you chuckle a bit. Consider your ab workout for the day.

– Hey Madisonians, find a unique beer to wet your whistle this weekend at Taplister.

– Up in Duluth this weekend? What better way to spend it than visiting Duluth’s only brewhouse.

– This is the only brewery in the Midwest  that I know of that you can go and brew your own beer. Check it out if you’re ever in the Silver City of St. Paul. The owners, Dan and Andy are great guys.


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