Suds: March 14

Happy Monday all. My brother was in town last night, and his choir performed a really interesting rendition of a William Butler Yeats’ “The Lost Child.” You can find the poem, along with a bunch of others in this collection.

After talking to my brother, he pointed out that the reason composer Eric Whitacre chose Yeats as a subject is because of Yeats’ attention to rhythm in poetry. Yeats has an almost sing-songy quality to the whole thing, I can almost picture him as the first of the beat poets. Great stuff from two great artists working across generations.

To drink today? Open up  a Cave Ale from Potosi Brewing Company in Potosi, WI, and let’s get to Suds.

-Our friends at Midwest Beer are (rightfully) upset about Dogfish’s decision to leave Wisconsin. They may say it’s to satisfy the demand in other states, but I like to think they realized it’s tough to keep up with Wisconsin’s brewers.

-U.S. Senators John Kerry and Mike Crapo introduce BEER Act legislation. I’m conflicted about this for a couple reasons, but right now I think it’s a pretty good idea.

-I didn’t think this would be the place for a beer festival, but here you have it: Great Wrigley Beer Festival. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Cubs fan and love Wrigleyville, but it’s not exactly a beer connoisseur’s go-to place to drink (unless you are a connoisseur of Old Style).

-MN drinkers: Bell’s Dinner at The Hanger Room.

-A Perfect Pint reviews Stone’s IPA.

-Northern Brewer with some great antique photos of beer trucks.

Flossmoor Station’s Saison and Garfunkle is sure to taste like something you can find at the zoo. Because it’s exotic! I fully expect to hear the sound of silence after that pun…

-Hey! You! Get out and vote. We’re picking our favorite stouts in this election, I choose Ale Asylum’s Big Slick Stout.

Neat label from Two Brothers.

-Finally, raise a pint to a staple of Plaza Thursday’s in Madison: Redhook turns 30. Their ESB is the perfect session beer for Thursday nights in Wisconsin.

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