Brew for Thought: Furthermore Three Feet Deep

Full disclosure: I am not a stout guy. Seriously, I’m pretty tall and terribly slender. Full-bodied beers are wonderful creatures, I just don’t have the guts to drink them night in and night out. But today is St. Patrick’s Day, a day for celebrating the strength and endurance of the Irish, and what better way to do it than with Furthermore’s Three Feet Deep?

Three Feet Deep teaches drinkers a valuable lesson: a stout does not have to be heavy to be satisfying. It’s quality lies in Furthermore’s insistence on tradition. They use peat smoked malt to mimic the flavor of kiln-baked malt, giving the beer a rich, Earthy undertone. Furthermore plays it a bit conservative, but drinkers will find a more balanced stout experience, one that makes it possible to knock a couple back.

Now, the label begins to make sense. This stout pulls a lot from the Earth, and as Furthermore claims, “Our stout is a return…to the Irish hearth.” There are a lot of options for St. Pat’s Day, but consider this beer a bonafide contender for most important libation. Quaff away!

Best enjoyed: This year-round ale is best enjoyed a night by a fire, if possible. Bonfire works too, especially on a chilly evening.

Food pairing: Throw it in some soup! Pair it with bread! Stouts and food make strange bedfellows, so I give the MwBC stamp of approval to try pretty much anything!

Where to find it: The land of milk and honey and cheese and beer: Wisconsin. And Minnesota. And Pennsylvania. Wait, Pennsylvania? Wow. Pennsylvania.

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